This is an artbot generating patterns; I was inspired by weaving looms. 

The artbot will keep generating the pattern until some one stops it. You can stop it by touching/clicking on the image. Keep in mind that once you touch it, the image will be the lost forever in the sands of time. The probability of seeing the same exact image again, based on one run over the screen, is lower than that of wining the Euro Jackpot. The longer you wait the more unique the image becomes.

Scroll down to interact with the bot.

In the original version (processing), if you press for 10 seconds the bot will post the image to his own instagram:

This is the web version (p5.js) of the artbot. due to changes on instagram API policy the automatic post does not work any more. In this version, if you press 10 seconds the image will be saved to your device. Contact me via instagram if you wan to add to the account of the bot or post it with #stopmeartbot  

StopMeArtbot Instagram

Old versions

Here you can find some old sketches of the bot and video documentation of the original art work.

If you visit the OpenProcessing site, you can also edit the code your self.