Teaming Up

Here some discussion of some ideas from my class mates.


My class mates ideas

Gijs and Melody had the idea of disturbing the time line. Performance is usually seen as something inherent to the present. However, modern technologies allow us to dilate this. This works plays with the perception of the audience, s this performance in past present or future?

The performance is as follows: From the moment the audience is entering the space a video recording, of the audience, is started; the video camera is hidden so that the audience is not aware of it. The performers then serve something that looks as the performance has not yet been started. At some point the video is projected from the “beginning”. The audience is confronted with their recording. The performers then use different material (sheets of paper) to highlight different parts (people) in the projection. It is not only about the confrontation with the recording but also guiding the audience to pay attention to different situations. This goes in the line of scene 4. 

In my technical deconstruction, this is a great direct application of the introduction of a camera.

Clara and Sofia tough of a reenactment in the line of scene 3. However, they disturb the perception of the audience as follows: There are two performers in front of each other, the audience sits on the back of one of the performers so that they slight see the face of the performer opposite to them but not the other one. The performers then describe each other.

In this context we consider introducing camera that record the performers and display part of their expressions on a projection. 

in my deconstruction this is could be an application of independent feedback. Each performer projection can be managed independently. The audience has to wonder where to focus their attention. Room separation could also be a possibility that could enhance the idea even more.