The first assignemt

It All began with a book

One of the first assignments was to read the book Remainder by Tom McCarthy.

In this book, an unnamed Londoner starts a quest to understand an accident that has happened to him. He becomes obsessed with the reenactment of the accident to understand what has happend to him.

He gets obsessed with the details to reenact the situation exactly as it was, or what he remembers of it. However to achieve this, he needs to hire [NAME] to organise the logistics of the reenactment. Most of the challenges do not come in the play of the reenactment but on the set up.

This showed me how the set up of the reenactment defines the reenactment itself. In the book, the last reenactment is not a play but actually a real bank robbery and scape.

This got me thinking on how could we set up the reenactment of Dan Graham’s work. Should we try to be faithful to the original work or set it up in a context where it becomes a work itself?

My first question was then how can nowadays technology can be used to set up Graham’s work. This lead me to my next step… look in to the camera. Pasword: helloworld