Digital Budha

From Tv Budha to the empty chair

I have noticed that when there is an interactive installation, it is usually about visitors moving or exposing exaggerated behaviours. As an introvert, this was the opposite of what I would consider an appealing interaction.

This work is about making an interactive experience where users are rewarded by being still and present.

The visitors enter a room with empty chairs; a camera records the room and projects into a large wall where the visitors can see themselves. When there is no movement in the room, a black circle on a white background starts to fade in, replacing the image of the room.  If there is movement, the animation restarts. It takes about 20 minutes to reach 90% of darkness, but full darkness is never achieved.

The starting point was TV Budha by Nam June Paik, see the process below, but soon I moved to an empty chair.

The original installation uses Arduino motion sensors and TouchDesigner

Process Documentation

When there was still a Budha